Sean Riney - Logo Design / DVD Label

Portfolio DVD Graphic

A requirement of graduation from the Art Institute of Seattle you have to create and display a portfolio demonstrating your ability and what you’ve learned while at school along with produce a promotional package with which to display it in, i.e. letterhead, business cards, a dvd etc.  I opted to design and paint a rather high resolution DVD cover that I would later use across my business cards and other material, in this posting I’ll show you the various drafts I created so that you can see what I started with and where I ended up.

To begin with I just used my basic logo and added abstract details to spice up the design, followed by color alterations and eventually fell headfirst into a full blown painting as I added in foliage, vines and water/lighting effects.  I think the hardest hard of the process was coming up with a title for myself, as you’ll see that change throughout the various mock-ups, aside from this detail the rest of the work was mostly an enjoyable distraction.

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