Project Update 1.0: Title Unknown
Goals, Process Observations and Level Schematics

Map - Top Down - WIP Preview

This will be the first in hopefully a very long series of updates detailing my progression through a personal game design project from absolute nothing to completion. This initial update will focus on an early technical concept piece and related notes as well as outline my current process, plans for the future and observations of what I’ve learned while getting to this point.

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Portfolio DVD Graphic

Sean Riney - Logo Design / DVD Label

A requirement of graduation from the Art Institute of Seattle you have to create and display a portfolio demonstrating your ability and what you’ve learned while at school along with produce a promotional package with which to display it in, i.e. letterhead, business cards, a dvd etc.  I opted to design and paint a rather high resolution DVD cover that I would later use across my business cards and other material, in this posting I’ll show you the various drafts I created so that you can see what I started with and where I ended up.

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Cryovault Interior Low Poly Concept Model

<strong>Cryovault</strong>: Low Poly Concept Model

The Cryovault is a concept from the film Avatar created by Ben Procter, the full series can be found here. I used this concept piece to demonstrate modular design in a low polygon economy given the concepts repetitive design, the whole piece was modeled and textured in one night.

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Creature – Zbrush High Detail Study

Creature - Zbrush Render

This piece that I’ve simply named the Creature was modeled and textured entirely in Zbrush as part of a study in high detail modeling. Much of the creature’s design is inspired by frog and lizard anatomy and the color and texture are sampled from both toads and frogs. This was one of my first pieces created using the Zbrush software and took roughly 2 nights to complete.

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Taj Mahal – Architecture Study

The Taj Mahal

This piece was done as an architectural study for a college course. I chose the Taj Mahal as my topic for it’s cultural significance and fine artistic detail, all of which is represented in the final model. Designed specifically to be used in the Unity 3d game engine I placed a heavy emphasis on polygonal economy, as such given the rotational symmetry of the structure itself I was able to compose a quarter-piece of the model for import and then duplicate and combine in-engine to create the whole structure.

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Portfolio Test 2


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